Year 7 to Year 11

Senior School

Our Senior School sees pupils explore a rich and varied curriculum that provides every individual with an exceptional learning experience. We tailor our teaching to each pupil, harness their interests and strengths to aid their progression. However, this approach does not stop at the classroom door.  We offer a wealth of extra-curricular activities to develop pupils. The Senior School is full of opportunities for students to flourish, with a variety of clubs, trips, events and activities throughout the year.

We believe that building character and educating students on how to develop positive relationships are the foundations for a successful Senior School journey. Whilst we offer an exceptional learning experience delivered by outstanding staff, we also highly value the social and emotional development of our students. A positive education strategy allows for students to explore and understand the science of well-being. When students feel positive within themselves, they can get closer to reaching their academic potential.

Our Approach

Our students receive a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum which provides continuity and progression. The school’s curriculum broadly follows the requirements of the national curriculum. Within this, however, we provide an educational experience which is wider and deeper and provides enrichment and challenge.

The curriculum is designed to introduce every subject in a way which will stimulate the interest of individual students. It’s both exciting and evolving, with differentiated activities and a variety of teaching and learning methods that give all children the opportunity to learn and make progress whatever their ability.

The curriculum promotes exciting ways to learn, ensures personal growth is central and underpins the aims and ethos of the school.

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