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Alumni news! -Patrick Fisher is going to a Football academy in America

18 year old Patrick started his football career at the young age of 9months running with a ball always glued to him.

He joined the local Risby Greens club aged 6 and sports teams at school and progressed over the years being scouted for Chelsea, Tottenham, Ipswich –

Being involved with multiple teams called Sporting 87; he grew in strength, confidence and often year after year was top goal scorer or player’s player. He also continued to play with his community local grass roots team of Risby and sporting teams with Brookes UK; where he often was the man of the match and top goal scorer in any of his sporting disciplines.

He was approached 3 years ago by Soccer Assist at one of his matches, he met their criteria

followed the step processes, with trainings, residencies, matches. He showed great self-discipline to the sport, his exercise, health and team collaborations.

Along with his GCSEs and A level results, he strived to apply his sporting credentials to all areas of his life and with the support of amazing coaches, team mentors, his fellow team mates, endless Mums taxi service – he secured a place at North Eastern University in Colorado to study Business Agriculture and Commodity Brokerage.

Hugest thanks though – does go to Brookes UK and their

staff that have dedicated their time, passion and inspiration

to guide Patrick on his journey!