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Brookes UK 6th Sports Day

Brookes UK 6th Sports Day got off to a rather damp start due to untimely rain falling just as the students paraded out onto the track in front of a large parent crowd. Spirits, however, were certainly not dampened and this was shown in the excellent sprint races which were the first event of the afternoon. Various field events followed where students had the opportunity to show off their techniques in jumping and throws. Progression was evident in the latter with Year 1 and 2 throwing a bean bag, Years 3-6 throwing a howler, Years 7 and 8 putting the shot and Years 9 and 10 throwing a Javelin. The 800 metre race, which assembled the students who had qualified by reaching a good standard of endurance running pre-sports day, was an excellent event. About 15 of our students had made the required standard and they all ran impressively.  Special mentions go to Ethan Head who qualified despite only being in Year 2 and Joel Littlefair who showed a real talent to take the gold position. The House relay followed, a race that had 25 students in each team and this one definitely was the one that got everyone very excited and motivated our students to push themselves to new limits.  The last event was the traditional ‘Brookes 5’, which is a 5 minute endurance run around the track which every student takes part in. Each lap completed provides an individual student with one house point. After a great afternoon’s competition and sportspersonship the result was very close but Phoenix came out on top to take the House Cup.