Montessori Approach

Montessori materials and presentations naturally encourage children to see activities through to their completion, including ensuring that they are tidied away in the ordered environment. Many materials are self correcting, helping children to learn through trial and error. Allowing children opportunities to do things for themselves supports their confidence, self-esteem and self-belief.

In the Cherry Trees, there are few limits to the children’s freedom and decision-making, they are shown a variety of activities and can choose what to do and for how long. Through detailed observations, we offer further individual lessons and an increasing range of materials to explore. Independence is both supported and enhanced.

We devote every morning session to the Montessori work cycle. Throughout this period, the children engage in a range of different activities, some chosen independently whilst others are presented by a teacher. This is either inside the classroom or in our outdoor learning environment.

During the afternoon, children enjoy a myriad activities including Music and Movement, Art and PE and Games. We have also introduced Forest School into our curriculum, which provides a unique opportunity for children to experience play and learning in a controlled, natural environment.

Our mission is to unlock every child’s potential, to thrive, to think with logic, focus and perseverance, and to make positive contributions to society.