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Chinese Immersion Success

During February we had two visiting groups of students from China. For most it was the first time in the UK and for all it was the first time in an English School. The level of spoken English varied between students, but despite this all students seemed to thoroughly enjoy their time at Brookes.

It wasn’t all study though and we went on a trip to Cambridge, with a Chinese guide explaining the history behind the architecture, folklore of the Eagle pub and the surprising ‘Dinky Doors’. The highlight of the tour was a visit to the spectacular Kings Chapel. After a couple of hour’s free time to shop we returned to school.

At the end of the week we held a celerbration assembly to say good bye and present their certificates of achievement at completing the immersion course. Some students shared their gratitude at being able to visit and how although their lives are very different they felt a real connection with some of the students at Brookes.