Courses for International Students

International students at Brookes UK have access to quality UK independent school education which we’re constantly evolving and improving. The Pre-A course is an excellent introduction for A Level programmes in the UK and is taught at the rural campus in Bury St Edmunds which is close to Cambridge and London. Students choose to study GCSE with us for a number of reasons but the small class sizes rank at the top of the list because they ensure a personal and tailored learning approach.

If you are interested in boarding at Brookes UK, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our admissions specialist (Pete Fiaschi ) or our admissions team.

Pre A-Level

This course provides an excellent introduction to study in the UK & prepare for and to continue your studies in the UK on for example A levels or Foundation Programmes prior to University entry. You will study at our beautiful Brookes UK campus located near Bury St Edmunds and Cambridge. View more info here.


GCSE art student at Brookes UK

Our school curriculum broadly follows the requirements of the national curriculum including teaching in Art, Humanities, Computing, English, Drama, Maths, Foreign Language, Music, Science, Sport and PSHE/ Citizenship.

Year Abroad

Brookes UK offers a Year Abroad study programme to international students which provides students the opportunity to spend one or more terms in a UK high school immersed in local culture and education. Studying with local UK students whilst rapidly improving English level in preparation for further education.