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Cody, Hong Kong

Joined Brookes UK in January 2021. Here’s why the Yang family loved Brookes UK:

  • Good study environment with full support from teachers and boarding staff
  • Small class size with individual attention from teachers
  • Well balanced between study and extracurricular activities
  • Strong friendships with classmates and boarders
  • Great improvement in study skills and time management
  • Regain self-confidence   
  • Establish positive attitude in study

School Prospectus

Haruka, Japan

Our Brookes boarding opens up a world of opportunity for students to meet people from around the globe, learn about different cultures and traditions while also forging life-long friendships. Haruka, a Brookes School, Suffolk, UK boarder from Japan, has loved connecting with international students.
By attending one of our boarding schools, students also have the option to transfer within the global network in order to experience different parts of the world.

Boarding Options & Visa Process

School Residence

The boarding residence is a home away from home. House parents live in the residence, creating a comfortable, safe, family environment where students can study, socializing and work together.

Our modern boarding residence houses 18 rooms with 2-3 Students per room and ensuite bathrooms. The floors are separated by gender and students have access to an all-inclusive dining area, modern kitchen,  TV rooms, music practice rooms, computer prep room and art prep room.

Visa Information

When an overseas applicant wishes to move to the UK to board at Brookes, they should determine what kind of entry visa, if any, is required by UKVI (United Kingdom Visas and Immigration). Normally the type of visa is classified as Tier 4 and this is available to students aged from 4 to 17 years of age. Brookes is a Tier 4 Licence holder, approved by UKVI and is able to support student entry through the issue of a CAS (Certificate of Acceptance for Study). An electronic copy of the CAS should be submitted by the student when applying for a Tier 4 visa at the British Embassy in their home country.


A guardian is a responsible adult, appointed by the parents of a child, who will take on the responsibilities of the parents when they themselves are unavailable to do so. The guardian’s responsibilities can include issuing written consent for school trips, authorising payment for additional expenses, attending parents evenings, liaising regarding the boarder’s behaviour and academic progress, and accommodating the boarder when they are not staying in the boarding house (such as weekends, school breaks or if they are unwell). All full boarders must have designated parents or a guardian to whom they go home to when they are not boarding. 

Hosting and Homestay

A boarder may stay with a host family at any point. The boarder’s parents and the host family would usually organise all necessary arrangements and then make the duty house staff aware. In the absence of the child’s parents, boarding staff are able to check the host family’s home and will liaise with the hosting family on behalf of the boarder’s parents in their absence. This includes a DBS check for all adults supervising the boarder and a home visit prior to the proposed homestay is advised. Transport, food and all care arrangements are the responsibility of the hosting family, however the duty boarding staff remain available and contactable by mobile phone for the duration of the homestay.

Cici & Cindy, China

Cici and Cindy, two sisters from China, loved being a part of the Brookes UK for its expert teachers, inclusive atmosphere, English experience and multicultural community. Cici and Cindy’s mother who chose Brookes UK for its pristine location in the English countryside, and its close proximity to Cambridge.

Natalie Taylor


Natalie Taylor


My passion for teaching started with my passion for sport. During my teenage years I coached gymnastics and then attended college to complete my sport and teaching degree.
I have always had a passion for Early Years and teaching younger primary children. I started teaching in London and over the years I have moved and taught in different counties. During this time, I have held senior positions in schools including that of Deputy and Head teacher. I moved to Cherry Trees in 2012 as Nursery manager and thoroughly enjoyed retraining as a Montessori teacher. I have spent the last few years working in KS1 until I took on the position of Principal this year.

Thiago Bellavista, Mexico

“I had the opportunity to be an international student at Brookes UK. I am from Mexico and everyone would imagine that it would be hard to adapt to study in a place far away from home, however students and teachers at Brookes made it very easy. They were always friendly and they made me feel at home from the first moment. I’m really grateful to have them. The Brookes family is full of respect, companionship and happiness, it is an experience I would love to repeat.”