Our Pillars: Character, Connectivity, and Creativity

Brookes Education Group was born out of the inspiration of a small group of experienced, international educators who are passionate about sharing their vision for global education.

Continually evolving, Brookes now spans three continents, offering five schools in the top-ranked countries for education and opportunity: Canada, India, Korea, United Kingdom and the United States.

Our Pillars: Character, Connecting, and Creativity
For a community to reach its full potential, its citizens must reach their full potential. At Brookes, we firmly believe that as educators our mission is to draw out the human potential from within each student. We achieve our mission of unlocking the human potential through the constant development of the three pillars — character, connecting, and creativity. We measure and achieve our success through building character, connecting minds and places, and creating innovative educational experiences that challenge our students to understand their relationship with the world and its people.


Character building is the overriding strategy we use to make each student a better person. At Brookes we believe character building is based on acquired skills; skills we can teach, monitor, and evaluate. Students become better people when they learn how to listen actively, how to communicate effectively, and how to gain trust by building community. We create educational programs which build confidence and belief in oneself.

Connecting minds

We create exceptional educational environments by connecting our students and campuses with each other. We connect our campuses to provide greater opportunities for our students and teachers to learn about the world from the world and to experience exceptional education in different environments. We recognise that learning is best achieved through experiences gained in the real world, and our students understand how to apply their learning in different contexts and across different cultures.

Through our network of schools, we are connected to local and global communities. Thus, we engage our students on important issues which transcend cultures and societies.


Creativity is another skill we develop in our students. Divergent thinking is incorporated into all aspects of learning. Being able to see an issue from divergent cultural perspectives, equipped with critical thinking, and an open approach to learning, our students are being prepared not just for academic success in their post secondary education, but they are being prepared to be lifelong learners who will be successful in whatever endeavour they pursue.

Creativity is vital for adapting to and thriving in a changing society. Every day new technologies are developed, new challenges arise, and as a result opportunities emerge. People need to be prepared to recognise and respond to these changes. Creative thinking and innovation are skills that can be learned and at Brookes we create environments that constantly challenge students to develop these skills.

The Pillars in Action

We provide our students with the tools that give them confidence and a mindset to take on new challenges. We encourage our students to be open minded and aware of cultural differences, to be creative and innovative on how they approach world issues. In each school we ensure every student will take on leadership opportunities which build confidence and self-esteem. We build connections amongst our students both within each school and by creating opportunities to connect across campuses through competition and collaboration. Summer programs, student exchanges, and model UN debates are just a few of the many ways we bring students together from each campus. Our schools also connect with the local community to ensure that we are actively engaged in issues that affect our communities.

We connect with local mentors, businesses, and service organisations to create invaluable opportunities for our students and to contribute to our local communities.