Purpose, Focus and Culture

The philosophy supporting Brookes school’s understanding of an exceptional education is expressed in our purpose, focus, character and in what we believe. 

Brookes Purpose

To inspire our students and community to flourish through providing a nurturing and inclusive environment, instilling an openness to learning, a sense of meaning and purpose and a desire to make a positive difference.

Brookes Focus

On every child as an individual, working with their strengths to enable them to flourish. 

Brookes Character and Culture

Is to be authentic, courageous, loving, forgiving, enquiring, optimistic, resilient and trusting. Enabling every member of the community to be themselves and appreciate each other for all their strengths and differences.

What we believe at Brookes

  • Positive Education enhances wellbeing and enables individuals to flourish
  • Partnerships between our parents, staff and students provide the best learning outcomes
  • Working with the character strengths of each individual enables them to thrive
  • Creating wonder and curiosity through experiences results in a desire to learn
  • In being global citizens, serving others, social and environmental responsibility 
  • Fostering spirituality and learning about all faiths
  • In growing our school community through innovation



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