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Brookes is best for your family – and your budget!

What do you look for when choosing a school? The quality of education, the standard of staff, the location and the exam results are all probably near the top of your list. But what about other extras?  Such as lots of space and small classes (essential for social distancing), a real focus on wellbeing running through the heart of the curriculum and a chance to experience different cultures on your doorstep.

At Brookes, we have all of this and so much more. As one of Suffolk’s leading independent schools, we offer:

  • A unique family environment
  • A distinctive and inclusive child-centred approach to learning
  • A positive culture of wellbeing

We are passionate about creating the right environment for children to flourish and we wanted to go further in offering an affordable alternative to the traditional private schools and mainstream settings. That’s the reason we have reduced our school fees – on top of our range of discounts, scholarships and bursaries – to make a distinctive Brookes education accessible to more people.

For four decades, our school – originally as Cherry Trees and now as Brookes – has been synonymous with helping students discover their passion, develop their character and understand their connection to others and society.
Not only that but our new fees are much more competitive and provide excellent value for money. And there are further discounts for siblings and for families who successfully introduce Brookes to others.

Scholarships for promising talent
Like many independent schools, we offer scholarships for academic achievement, sporting success or creative talent. But we also offer a unique scholarship for ‘good citizenship’. Scholarships are designed to offer a financial boost for families whose children have proven ability and attitude to be exceptional in a particular discipline.

Bursaries for eligible families
Brookes Bursaries are a way we can offer financial support to families of those pupils whom we believe would thrive at Brookes but whose families are unable to afford the full fees. Our Bursaries are available on completion of a means tested application and assessed by our Bursar.

Discounts for NHS and military staff
For the first time in our history, we are delighted to introduce an additional discount to those who work in the NHS.
We have all marvelled at the incredible commitment and dedication shown by our NHS workers in the last few months – and this was just one way we wanted to show our appreciation.
Our existing discount for military personnel will also be retained, while also benefitting from the overall fee reduction. Military personnel can also qualify for substantial grants towards boarding fees. Visit the Army Families Federation to find out more.

Government funding for early years
For more than 35 years, Cherry Trees has been offering exceptional childcare.
An Outstanding-rated space with indoor and outdoor classrooms, Cherry Trees provides high-quality Montessori education for children aged 2 to 5. And from September 2020 we accept Government-funded childcare hours. For more details, please visit the Government’s free childcare web pages.

Support for children with SEND
We have an inclusive policy and encourage broad diversity including children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. We have an  excellent experience of supporting children with SEND.

Why choose Brookes?
We are proud that our small class sizes allow both stimulating work and debate as well as tailored and individual support, as and when required. All of our students are encouraged to reach their full potential at every stage, from their earliest years at Cherry Trees Montessori nursery through to achieving their GCSEs in the main school.
Being part of Brookes also means being part of a larger global group of next generation international schools and this creates opportunities for older students to get involved in school exchange visits. And for all Brookes staff and children to share a common mission and vision based on the development of character, connectivity and creativity.
We hope that our new fees and range of discounts means that a Brookes education is now available to many more families.

Find out more
To find out more about why Brookes could be the right place for your family, contact us on 01284 760531 or email admissions@uk.brookes.org to arrange a ‘socially-distanced’ tour of the school.