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Students from around the world come to Suffolk

International boarding students from Mexico at Brookes UK

We’re overjoyed to extend a warm welcome to boarding students from around the world (literally!) who are joining us this year, making Brookes one of Suffolk’s most internationally diverse schools!

The youngsters have come to Bury St Edmunds from countries including China, Iran, Vietnam and Mexico (pictured). They’re remaining quarantined in their ‘bubble’ and undergoing regular testing to check for symptoms. And the school has put in place a comprehensive plan and rigorous measures to ensure a safe return for all. Once quarantine is over they will join our local year 9, 10 and 11 students to share life experiences together both in and out of the classroom!

International students typically stay on campus in our modern, bespoke accommodation then travel home for the holidays and summer break. On the weekends, international students have the option to stay with local families for a truly authentic local experience and can take  part in a range of activities organised by our team of house parents.

Being part of Brookes Education Group means our students have unparalleled opportunities to become dynamic and successful global citizens. Our strength is our diversity – all are welcome here!

Read more about boarding at Brookes or contact us for further details.