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Open letter from Brookes UK Principal

Today marks the end of term at Brookes –  our staff and students leave for a well earned 3 week Easter Holiday break. 

Both myself and colleagues have done our fair share of reflection on everything that has happened over the past twelve months. We, like many schools in Bury St Edmunds, have had to deal with the consequences of the pandemic with COVID-19 lockdowns, shielding, family tragedies and separation; the challenges of remote learning; and a period of real uncertainty. By supporting each other, by being flexible, creative, incredibly hardworking and resilient and by giving some confidence to Brookes families, we are still here!

We will be looking at how best to assess and support our students’ learning in the months ahead. It’s likely we’ll bring in additional learning support assistants (LSA’s) as we believe teachers and LSA’s working together over a whole term will be the best way to close any gaps in our students’ learning caused by remote working. Due to our small class sizes, we are already able to give individual attention to our children to assess and provide for their individual learning needs. 

Throughout the summer term, we will be supporting and undertaking rigorous assessments to determine our student’s current attainment and progress.

We are all looking forward very much to having a near-normal summer term and to seeing our students continue to grow and flourish.

If anyone reading this is interested in a school tour, please contact our office and someone will be in touch with you. 

Best wishes,
Graham Ellis